I got my third tattoo on Saturday, September 24, 2005. I had been itching to get another one for some time but needed a reason I guess. I had wanted to get a tattoo for my boyfriend for a while, but he wasn't coming up with any design ideas to help. I had also wanted to get something related to my birthname too, and months ago I had sketched out some bamboo. My original idea was to do the four (my favorite number) shoots of bamboo on my forearm, but I decided it would just get to be such a pain in the ass to hide for work and formal functions. Plus, I have pretty small arms. Also, from watching an episode of "Miami Ink" on TLC, I got the idea of kinda hiding Nick's name in the design. (This way I could easily hide or tattoo over them later :) just kidding.) Mostly, I wanted the tattoo to be first and foremost about the bamboo and leaves (for me) and secondly for Nick.

The tattoo took three hours and six minutes of ink time, with about an hour for prep and stenciling. Remind me to never ever tattoo my other ankle cuz DAMN it hurt like a bitch.

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