5/30/09: So we just got back from a last-minute trip to NYC with my mom. This is now the 3rd trip we've taken with my mom in like 6 months! The two of us went to Napa last month for a bunch of wine tasting, but I didn't take any good photos so nothing is posted. I have however posted a NYC travel journal for this most recent trip.
2/8/09: So this year's been a bit rough to start off. As soon as my 27th year ended, everything went to shit! I got sick, Nick got in a car accident, I had to report to jury duty, Odin started acting up, and we started getting noise complaints. And did I mention I'm still sick?!

Anyways, I have finally posted 3 of my best photos from the Europe trip (which ain't sayin' much) to the travel gallery.
12/20/08: So first off, I'm back from Europe and have created 3 Picasa galleries of photos. Also, for anyone interested, the full journal has also been posted.

But in more important news, I decided that I couldn't wait till next year to get a dog but have actually already adopted one! We got Odin from the South (Central) LA shelter on 12/15/08, and I'm so glad we have him. I'll admit I got all stressed/freaked out right afterwards, and my mom ended up coming up to help me for a few days, but now I'm so confident we made the right choice to adopt him. I think the jetlag, the fact I threw my back out last week, and the initial stress was just too much for me. I guess I got overwhelmed. Anyways, check out photos!

Man it's been a crazy year, but I believe I am now finally ready to slow down a bit ;)
11/3/08: So we did it. We went through with the wedding reception after all. I really wanted to cancel it towards the end, but now I'm glad we did it. I've posted 2 photos to my gallery and the rest are posted on my Picasa site. Enjoy!

I took about a week after the reception to recuperate, but I've been stressing about my Europe trip since. Man, I'm really looking forward to next year when I will no longer have anything to plan. I need a break to just relax and read books for fun again, instead of research.

Then again, I'm starting to get it in my head that I really want a dog next year...

SECOND UPDATE: I've gone ahead and finally posted 2 photos from my Peru trip in my gallery.
9/12/08: Okay I'm still traumatized by Peru. I think I'm actually a changed person. It's subtle, but it's definitely there. I feel softer and weaker and generally more pathetic. I still haven't posted any photos in my gallery. It's like the trip that never happened. It's one thing to know I'm mortal/vulnerable/helpless/small in the grand scheme of things. It's another thing to have those undeniable facts rubbed in your face. Sure I didn't quit so at least I don't have to deal with the shame associated with failure. But on the other hand, I have to deal with remembering how disgusted I was with myself for coming so close to it. I do sometimes feel like a part of me died out there. It sounds melodramatic, but maybe it's just me getting old. I no longer feel invincible, and I don't like that. And for that alone, I don't believe I can ever "forgive" Peru or have fond memories from that trip.

It also totally depressed me for a while. So what did I do to get myself out of that funk? Obviously, I started planning another trip. ANTARCTICA. This may not seem like an obvious trip as I recover from the worst illness of my life, but I'm really into it. I'm basically trading mad diarrhea for mad barfing/sea sickness. I'm hoping I can handle sea sickness better. I figure barfing's gotta be better and more flexible than the shits. Hope so anyways. Unfortunately, this trip won't be happening till at least next winter since we also decided to go to London, Paris & Rome in November. My mom found an awesome deal on airfare to London, and she was stuck going with some friends, and rather than stress about my mom getting lost or bored, I decided to take matters into my own hands and ensure they have an awesome time ;) It doesn't hurt that I've ALWAYS wanted to see Paris & Rome (I do love me some ruins). And because of that, we are no longer going to Ohio (not exactly tragic).

So I've still got my wedding reception coming up in October (which I kinda wish I could cancel now), and then I have my trip to Europe to finish the year out. Overall, not a bad year for me.
6/9/08: I've been back from my fairly traumatic trip to Peru for just over a week now. I guess the reason I haven't been as diligent about uploading photos into my gallery is due to the fact that this trip truly depressed me. It was really hard for me and I'm still not quite sure the pay-off was worth it. I think as more time passes, I'll be able to look back with fonder memories. For now, I've just posted a link to my journal and made some updates to my interests page. Eventually I'll get around to sorting through my photos and hopefully post some in my gallery. I'm still five pounds lighter than before I started the trip.
5/20/08: So it's been a while since I updated this site, but I've been very busy. We started looking for houses back in February, and we ended up finding something almost immediately and put in an offer on 3/2/08. After a long escrow and tons of stress, we moved into our first home on 4/23/08! And tomorrow we're leaving for Peru.

This really has been a great year so far. First we got engaged in January, then married in February, put in an offer on a home in March, moved in in April, and now are leaving for Peru in May. Then in October we have our wedding reception and maybe Ohio in December/January. And hopefully next year we'll finally get a dog! I'm seriously going to need a long break when this is all over ;)
2/17/08: So I've posted some photos from our wedding on 2/9/08. This was initially supposed to be on the down-low, since we are planning a larger celebration for later this year, but it kinda got out. We chose to get married on our 8-year anniversary (because I can only keep track of so many dates and anniversaries in my head). For having lived together for so long, the decision to finally get married was actually a bit nerve wracking for me somehow. I had more anxiety than Nick!

Nick picked out matching titanium bands, and we each got engravings on the inside. All in all, it went very well :)
1/26/08: So I just turned 27, and normally I'd be horribly depressed about this, but it actually turned out to be one of the best days of my life. We got engaged! You can read more about it on my home page. Nick planned an awesome surprise trip and completely caught me off guard. I guess that's why I love him so much :)
12/15/07: Okay, I've been sitting in front of the computer for at least six hours now. My back is hurting even more, but at least I'm now officially done with all my photos from my Yucatan trip, dammit! The journal finally actually has photos with captions, and I've added 10 photos to my main travel gallery. I'm so happy to finally be all done! Now I can move on to something else, like planning another vacation :)
12/11/07: So it's been a very long time since I last updated this site. Nick and I just got back from our trip to the Yucatan from 12/1/07 through 12/9/07, and I've finally gotten around to putting up my journal and posting photos to my picasa site. Eventually I'll touch up some of my favorites and post them to my Travel gallery, but that will have to wait. Enjoy!
9/15/07: Nick and I went down to SD for his grandparents' 20th wedding anniversary. But first we stopped at my parents' and we took some test shots in my mom's studio. I've posted 2 new photos to my life gallery. We were both kinda dressed up and I was even wearing a dress and make-up!
9/8/07: I went down to SD last weekend and got to finally see my mom's new studio (built in their garage). It was pretty cool and she took some test shots of me, one of which I've put in my life gallery.
8/28/07: So I finally bought my own domain! I was actually forced to cuz Adelphia finally noticed that I went way over their 10 MB limit. (I was at like 46 MB...) Anyways, got a great deal: $9.95 a year for the domain and free hosting up to 250 MB from Free Hostia which Nicks finds really funny cuz of what it means in Spanish. This server seems much faster too ;)

I think it's probably also about time I reorganize the gallery since it's getting to be a bit out of hand. I may need to subdivide the photos further, but that'll have to wait until another day.
7/30/07: So I've just added 3 more Japan photos to my travel page. I went down to SD this past weekend and my mom printed some photos out for me. And since she liked these photos, I figured I'd add them as well.
7/15/07: I'm officially all done with my Japan photos & journal updating! I have posted 10 new photos to my travel page and added like 35 photos to my japan journal. I now have closure and can relax ;)
7/14/07: Okay, I've just added some of the crappiest karate photos I've ever taken to my karate gallery. I'm super ashamed of them, but I figure the All-Japan is such a huge tournament I had to post something from it. After watching all that fighting, I have to admit I really want to get back into free sparring. I guess watching violence does make one more violent ;)
7/12/07: So I've just returned from my trip to Japan and have been too tired to update much. I have just now posted a complete version of my email journal, and I have created a picasa website to post a bunch of my photos. But I've been too lazy to actually edit or crop any of them so they're all raw right now. Maybe this weekend I'll have the energy and time to properly add photos to this site.
5/29/07: So over this past holiday weekend, I decided to quit karate. I'm really pretty depressed about it. I've been so into it for so long now that it really makes me sad that I'm having to walk away. But I think I've been steadily losing interest for some time. My school's been declining, and I was naive enough to think I could "fix" it. I moved up the ranks quickly, got my black belt, and was even invited to teach beginner classes, so I figured the seniors might actually want my input. Anyways, I now realize that was incredibly dumb of me, and I've been wasting my time with lofty ideas and a very bloated view of my importance and ability to change things. Cuz, in the end, no one cares what I think. And I'm tired of trying to make everyone happy, especially as no one seems to care or notice that either.

The most frustrating thing is that it just doesn't make sense. Otherwise perfectly intelligent people seem stuck on the idea that "tradition" means we can't change or alter anything. Apparently the pioneers of the art got it perfect and there can be no improvements. Funny, cuz I don't know of a single other sport or athletic endeavor where people actually strive to do things the way they were done 50 years ago. I think it's a mistake to let "tradition" hold back progress.

Anyways, over the weekend, Nick and I checked out a local gym that has kickboxing, boxing, and even some MMA classes. I already took one kickboxing class which totally kicked my ass. Hopefully I'll be able to find something there that I like, something not so "traditional."
4/13/07: I guess I am getting better at this html thing. I thought it would take hours, but I've managed to add 16 photos to my karate gallery, and it took me less than half an hour I think. Rather painless after all :)
4/12/07: Well I had been dreading it for sometime now, but I've finally done it. I've gotten rid of my "doggies" gallery and replaced it with a karate gallery. It makes sense since my old "misc." gallery basically just consisted of karate photos anyway, and I hadn't really added to my "doggies" gallery in forever. So, I basically kept all the non-karate photos and added the "doggies" photos to form my new misc. gallery, and moved all the karate photos into its own gallery.

Now the reason I finally decided to do this is because I have 20 new photos I took at the Ozawa Cup 2007 that I want to add to my site. I figured rather than add 20 more pages and then have to move all of it later, I should just cut my losses and undertake this horrible task now. So several hours later, I have finally finished reorganizing my galleries.

Now, I guess I'll just have to spend several more hours tomorrow adding all the new photos. God I'm not looking forward to that.
3/29/07: I've added another photo of me that my mom took cuz I'm vain.

I've also added a few more galleries to my random photos site since I last made an update here.
2/17/07: I've added a new photo of a bouquet Nick bought for our 7-year anniversary to the misc. page and updated my jewelry page with five new items.

As much as I hate the thought, I think I'm going to have to revamp my galleries. I think I'm going to have to create a separate "karate" gallery and move the relevant images currently in the "misc." gallery over, and I'm going to have to get rid of my "doggies" gallery and move those photos to "misc." God it's going to be a major pain in the ass. I'm going to wait till I've got a lot of time on my hands...

Okay, it's late now, but I have added a link to my new googlepages site, which I created for the sole purpose of quickly and easily posting fun photos for sharing. After a couple hours of extreme frustration and only a simple page of photos to show for it, I am no longer so sure about the whole "quicker and easier" thing. My current opinion: the Google Page Creator sucks!
2/8/07: Two updates in two days! It still doesn't make up for the 5 months I went without posting anything though, I guess. Anyways, I posted a new photo of us taken by my mom the weekend after my 26th B-Day in SD. I think we look pretty cute although I wish I had bothered to at least put on some chapstick.
2/7/07: I really haven't done much with my website in months. I've been on no real trips or anything so I don't really have any new photos. However, I did recently start making jewelry so I've created a jewelry page mostly just so I can keep track of my "progress." It's all just for fun but I do like to make my random lists :)

Next trip for me will probably be the Ozawa Cup in Vegas in April. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of new photos to put up after that.

I also had to delete my link to Nick's old page as UCLA finally shut it down, 3 years after he graduated.
9/21/06: We just got back from our trip to New York City from 9/13/06-9/18/06. John was nice enough to let us stay with him all five nights, so that saved us a ton of money. Unfortunately, it meant staying in Brooklyn, which is pretty far from most of the stuff in Manhattan, and it meant I got to sleep on an air bed which would deflate after an hour and Nick got to sleep on a grungy couch. Still, it was a lot of fun just hanging out again like old times. I also got to visit my friend, Daisy, who will probably be moving to Tokyo soon. I've posted some photos in my travel gallery and a separate nyc mini journal with other random fun photos. Still, as much as I enjoyed the trip, I've come to realize just how much I like my life in LA right now.
8/19/06: I just got my 5th tattoo yesterday afternoon. It's a Han Dynasty Chinese dragon which wraps from my back and around my left hip. The part over the hip bone felt interesting, to say the least. But overall, it went by pretty quickly and not too painfully. It's my old dragon (covered by my monkey) reincarnated :)

It took 3.5 hours to complete, and you can see it here.
7/24/06: So I just passed my black belt exam on 7/22/06! Man, I'm so glad I passed cuz I don't think I could subject my body to that much stress again for quite some time. I was like super nervous, hyper-ventilating, and dehydrated. I couldn't even enjoy my minor victory since I ended up with the most excruciating throbbing headache ever for the rest of the day. Hell, I think I'm still suffering slightly from all the stress and dehydration. Ah, but now that I have my belt, it's all worth it ;)

Now I get to FINALLY wear my Kamikaze gi that I bought back in April and I get a new tattoo. (It's fortunate I passed cuz I already had the tattoo all planned out, and I would've been really bummed if I had to postpone that for another 3 months.)

I'll have to post some photos of me and Nick posing in our new belts soon :)
4/23/06: Well it's definitely been a while since I've done anything on this site. I decided I didn't like most of my karate photos in my misc. gallery, so I've taken a bunch down. I've also added the headshot I did for my friend Rachel and about 15 photos from the 2006 Ozawa Cup last weekend.

In other news, I'm still planning to take my Shodan exam in July. And I had promised to treat myself to a new gi when I passed. But since I really wanted a Kamikaze gi, and the dude was selling them at the Ozawa Cup, I decided to go ahead and buy one and just not wear it till I pass :)
2/14/06: I just added a new photo of myself, which my mom took, on my life page. I find it to be very fitting.

In other news, Nick and I just celebrated our six-year anniversary. While many couples would probably have already gotten married and divorced in that time period, we're still not even engaged.
2/5/06: We just bought a new Scion Tc for Nick on January 21, 2006 (just in time for my birthday), and we've finally gotten around to taking some photos of it. It was his idea to dress up in his gi. This purchase also means we have definitely decided to wait at least another year to buy a house.
1/23/06: I have finally posted photos from my New Years trip up to Hearst Castle to see elephant seals. They are in my travel page. I know it's late, but I just didn't really like any of my photos, so I haven't been pumped to post them.

This Saturday is a karate exam so I plan on taking some photos. Hopefully some will turn out well. I won't be testing for the next two exams, so I can finally just relax and watch them. I'll be testing for my Shodan in July hopefully. I've also managed to injure my right foot, twice. In other news, the depressing job search continues. Oh yeah, and my birthday is on Wednesday. Can you tell I'm not looking forward to it?
12/22/05: So I finally got the "before" and "after" photos of my monkey tattoo from my tattooist. I've posted them in my life gallery.

In other news, Nick just got a job offer from Mercury Media which will hopefully work out better than Goldpocket. Plus he's getting paid more, which is always good. This might help our house search a bit. I'm also looking for another job, but it's going pretty slowly and is quite depressing. But in the meantime, he'll be like four blocks away from me, so we may be meeting up for lunch a lot until I find something else.

Not too much else going on right now. I've been focusing a lot on sparring lately in karate, and I really hope I'm getting better. I keep messing up my pinkies though which is getting really old. But at least they're not broken. I'm going snowboarding in Big Bear over Christmas with my parents, but just my luck, there's NO NATURAL SNOW AT ALL!
10/29/05: Okay, some stuff has happened since my last update. First, last Saturday, October 22, 2005, I got my fourth tattoo. My dragon on my lower back has been reincarnated into an Aztec-style monkey. I asked my tattoo artist to take photos of the "before and after" with my camera, but they were all out of focus. So instead, I'm going to wait for her to send me her copies so I can scan those in and put them up on my site. This one took two hours and 33 minutes and amazingly did not hurt much at all. Around the butt area, it just itched like crazy, and my legs would occasionally jerk up uncontrollably. Still, it was a pretty pleasant experience overall, but I do promise to wait more than a month before getting another one :)

In other news, on the same day right before I got my fourth tattoo, Nick and I took our 1st kyu exams and passed! I'm so relieved that I won't have to test for at least nine months now. We're required to wait at least six months before testing for Shodan so it'll be a relaxing break and hopefully give me enough time to prepare adequately. Even if I'm not prepared, I think I'll go ahead and test for the practice and experience.
9/25/05: Yesterday, I got my third tattoo at Ink Ink by Stephanie. I had given her a bunch of images and ideas that I liked, and she put the final design together. Can I just say that it was by far the most painful experience of my life? It felt like all the bones in my feet were rattling. By two and a half hours into it, I was starting to lose it and kept asking if she was almost done. I felt like such a weeny and cry baby, but she said I did alright, especially since I didn't take any breaks. I went through three sticks of gum (about one stick per hour) and lots of candy and gatorade. I also squeezed the life out of a stress ball. I kept wanting to jerk and kick the tattoo artist in the face. Coincidentally, we bumped into Stephanie at Trader Joe's this morning and we talked a bit, so apparently she doesn't hate me. Anyway, check out the photos at the bottom of the life gallery.

As a sidenote, I must be seriously retarded because I've already put down a deposit for my next tattoo which I'll probably do in about a month (just long enough for me to forget how much this one hurt). My dragon's gonna get reincarnated as a monkey...
8/10/05: At my mother's request, I have added four more photos to my travel page (from Spain).
8/4/05: Nick and I took the make-up karate exam on 7/30/05 and passed! We're now 2nd kyu!
7/25/05: Okay, I have put up the Spain photos in the travel gallery. I added 15 photos in total. However, I want to mention that the photos in my journal are different. There are no repeats between the journal and gallery, so you gotta check them both out if you wanna see all the photos. The journal photos are more for fun, and the gallery ones are more artsy I guess.
7/24/05: I got back from Spain last Saturday and am now finally posting my complete journal with photos. If you hover your mouse cursor over the photos, captions magically appear. I still need to add the other photos into the main gallery, and I'll hopefully get to that by next weekend.

Also happening next weekend, Saturday to be specific, is my 2nd kyu exam in karate. Hope I pass.

In house news, I think I'm taking a small break from looking. It's just that prices seem to have gone up and stayed up, and our funds are a bit depleted from the Spain trip. Maybe in a month or two I'll start looking again seriously.

In other news, I was seriously afraid I was going to get fired last week since I kinda pissed off my boss. I seem to have a knack for this, and I must be stupid because I never learn. This time turned out alright, but I really gotta stop being so damn stubborn.
6/14/05: So I have finally finished my mom's photography website like more than two months after I promised her I'd do it. Hey, better late than never.

In karate news, our 2nd kyu exam is scheduled for 7/16/05. Only problem is that we'll still be in Spain on that date. So, I'm trying to talk my senseis into letting us test before we leave because I just know I'll totally be stressing over it during our entire vacation to Spain, and that just won't be fun at all.

In house searching news, I'm totally depressed! We cannot afford anything! (Short of a total shithole anyway.) But I must prevail. The search continues.
6/2/05: I added a photo to my life gallery, which my mom took. I didn't like our prior most recent photo since we were kinda chunky at the time. Currently, we're looking to buy a house together in LA, which is really kinda exciting and scary all at once. It's weird cuz I still think of myself as a kid, but I guess getting a house would definitely qualify me as an adult. I'm really excited because a house also means I can get a dog! House searching and research has become a total obsession lately so I haven't had much time for anything else.

Just over Memorial Day weekend, we drove down to SD and went to two karate schools to watch (Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu) for my mom, and also a tournament at UCSD. This tournament wasn't nearly as cool as the Ozawa Cup (too many kids). Anyway, next Tuesday, I'm taking a half-day off to drive down to SD again to watch another Shito Ryu school with my mom. I'm hoping my mom will enroll in one soon.
4/22/05: So our 3rd kyu exams were on Saturday, 4/16/05, and to say that I was stressed beforehand would be an understatement. I was on the verge of getting sick for the entire week before and had a headache for like five days straight. I just knew that I was going to wake up Saturday morning all feverish. But in the end it turned out alright, and I'm pleased to say that both Nick and I passed! We both got our brown belts on the following Monday, 4/18/05 (and I did in fact finally get sick that night as well, probably from all my stressing). And you know, brown is good for me; it matches my eyes and complexion. But you know what would be even better? Black, because it would match my hair, and my eyes really are closer to black than brown :)
4/8/05: I deleted some photos I decided I didn't like so much anymore, or maybe never really liked at all. I figure now that I've got more photos, I can afford to be a bit choosier about what I put up.

At work, I've officially finished catching up. It kinda sucked cuz, a week after my promotion, my predecessor left, leaving me to just wing it and try to decipher her not entirely comprehensive notes. Anyway, I'm glad to say that in just two weeks I think I'm all up to date and caught up. I really hate being behind. On a positive note, I was told by several superiors today that I'm doing quite well.
3/29/05: So it's been a while, but I've added 17 photos today, so I think I've made up for it. Lots of stuff has happened since I last added any photos. I did some headshots for Sandy on 3/13/05 and was going to post some, but I've decided I don't really like any of them that much. Also, I went to Anza-Borrego with my mom on 3/20/05 which was really nice. She took a photo of me there, which I have posted to the life gallery. Most recently, I went to the Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament from 3/26/05-3/27/05 with Nick, Rachel, and Don. I took like over 300 photos and have only 15 to show for it, and really all of those aren't even that great. Still, it was great fun to watch.

In other news, I was promoted to Account Manager on 3/22/05 which was a total surprise. I guess it's cool, but now I'll probably be kinda stressed for the next few weeks until I get a better handle on it all. Also, my brown belt (3rd kyu) exam is on 4/16/05, so I'm even more stressed out. Also, I'm trying to design a new website for my mom, so I'm actually fairly busy right now. I can't say I particularly enjoy being busy both at work and at home, but I figure it's all good for me and will pass soon. Anyway, really hope I pass my karate exam. Wish me luck!

Later on the same night...

So I've finally added "eating" as one of my interests. Why you ask? Well you'll just have to read the description then.
1/29/05: Took some photos at Karate today of the Black Belt class. I had to push the film to 1600, but with my new lens, I was able to get better results than before. Still the graininess definitely shows. Oh well, next time I've got $300 to spare, I'll get a proper lens for Karate. (I actually already have one in mind--Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM.) Anyway, they're in the misc. gallery.

I've also added a link to my mom's wedding photography website. Check it out.
1/21/05: Okay, so I saw Christian Bale on 1/14/05 at Asakuma, this sushi place at Barrington and Wilshire. And I actually only noticed him after noticing his incredibly pregnant wife. In hindsight, of all British actor sitings, this really is the coolest for me cuz he was the first of the long line of British guy obsessions, and in many ways is still my favorite. Anyway, it really was way cooler for me than I should admit. I was super excited like a little girl all over again.

Anyway, so I did some editing of text but nothing huge.
1/8/05: Happy New Year! Hopefully this year will be better for me. I feel most of last year was a bit of a waste as I really wasn't going anywhere in my life at all, although I'm glad I kept the karate up. Anyway, I finally decided to add the graduation photo of Daisy and me. Initially I thought I maybe shouldn't put other people's photos up, but since this is a private site, I don't see why it really matters so much. It's really no different from my personally showing people I know what photos I have. After all, I only give this website address to people I know pretty well. Also, I actually think I look pretty decent in that photo, so you can check it out in the life gallery page.
12/4/04: I have added a photo of Nick playing guitar at home on the misc. gallery page. I seriously suck at photographing Nick playing guitar. I shot a ton and this was the only decent one. But I do like the color scheme I came up with at least. I also edited a few of the other photos with Nick playing in that gallery.
12/1/04: I have added a photo of "special" mellowcreme candies on the misc. gallery page. I shot these with my new cheap fisheye lens attachment. For the money, it actually works pretty well. The only problem is that the lens is so long that it causes a shadow at the bottom of the photo when I use my built-in flash. Oh well.
11/28/04: At my mom's suggestion, I have added "previous" and "next" links on the individual enlarged photo pages in my gallery. I also changed the color of the text in the main navigation bar as well. I really need to do something about the navigation bar for the gallery itself. It kinda sucks right now.

A little later...

Okay, I made a navigation bar for the gallery. Not sure if I'll change it again, but it's better than what I had before.
11/21/04: Okay, so it's been a while, but I think I made up for it by adding a buttload of new photos to my life gallery. They are mostly old Chinese photos I found. I know I added a lot, but in actuality, they are basically the only photos I have for that whole period of my life.
10/24/04: I had to delete one of my links (the old photo page that Nick made for me) as our usage of the UCLA server has expired. I also did some rewriting on my interests page.

Now, if only I were traveling sometime soon I could add more photos...

I've decided my travel gallery is a lot better than my other galleries. I guess this means I really should practice shooting other stuff. I'm turning into a landscape/travel photographer, and I don't think I like being so narrow in scope.
10/18/04: I added photos to my life, misc., and doggies pages, including (finally) a header for the last one.
10/10/04: I added two more photos (at Nick's request) to my travel page. I also made some slight changes to the home page.
10/9/04: Okay, I have finally done my travel page, which I have been dreading for weeks. I also updated the look of my main gallery. I'm glad I don't remember when I started today because I don't even want to know how long it took. All I know is that I ate lunch right before I started, and now it's dark, and I'm starving. I think I'll play around with the home page next. I'm not digging the layout right now.

Hours later and still without food...

I have added and deleted photos on the my misc. page.
10/8/04: Okay, I've finally made some updates today after taking more than two weeks off. I have made all the thumbnails go to larger images now in life, doggies, and misc. I still need to make the header for the doggies page, but otherwise those three are just about done. Of course, I will continue to add photos, but at least they aren't clearly still under construction now. I will have to wait until later to do the travel page as that will probably take the longest. I am still contemplating whether to make a separate navigation bar just for the galleries--still not sure about the design. I also made some slight spacing changes to the main gallery page.

I have put in the remaining thumbnails on the interests page.

In other news, I just recently started a new job on 10/4/04 (which is part of the reason why I haven't done any updates for a while). So far so good, but I will comment on that later as well.
9/20/04: I added 10 karate photos to my misc. page. They actually link to larger photos.
9/19/04: I changed some of the thumbnails for my misc. and life galleries. I also made a header for my travel page, but no photos are up yet. I also made a small change to the main navigation bar, and I will someday do a new gallery navigation bar.
9/18/04: Last night, I made some more thumbnails for my doggies gallery. I went ahead and uploaded them today, along with some photos and rewriting for my interests page.
9/17/04: I took a little break from working on this site. I reorganized how I've saved all my various files and am trying to figure out how to do my gallery with thumbnails. I have done preliminary pages for the misc. and life galleries. I need a new navigation bar just for the various galleries. I have added one photo to my interests page.

In other big news, I got a new job and will start 10/4/04.
9/13/04: I have fixed some typos on my front page which I hadn't noticed before (thanks to Nick for noticing them). Also, last night, I changed one of the gallery photos.
9/13/04: I have done some rewriting of the bio portion of the "home" page. I guess I'll just leave it as a bio page essentially. I renamed one of the gallery photo sections.
9/12/04: I made the pages match today. I don't know exactly what to do with my "home" page as I am no longer sure the huge photo works there. I made a photo biography over the original picture, but I'm not sure if that works either. This will have to do for now. I have decided to change some of the photos on the main gallery page. Okay, nevermind, I've totally changed the frontpage again. The last one bothered me so much I had to get back out of bed to fix it. It's late now so this will definitely have to do for now.
9/11/04: I made a new graphic header for my "home" page. I am also still working on a good color combination and look which I will eventually transfer on to all the pages. I have also fixed the spacing on my links page.
9/10/04: Today, I am making major changes to my original site. I've also added several new pages including Interests, a Gallery, and this page for any updates and news I may have. I'm trying to make this one look nicer and be more informative and functional. Enjoy!!!!